Shamanism and Yoga to nurture the Divine Purpose of Your Life

Shamanism is a large umbrella term used to describe several different techniques and methods used by peoples since antiquity for personal and collective healing. Often there is singing, chanting, dancing, plant medicine, journeying, breathwork and body movement. This can empower someone to observe the unseen forces that inform and drive their behaviour in order to transcend them.  These experiences support a movement of healing from the individual to the collective. The personal healing then equips one to be of service to others.  
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Crystal Pearl (YATI)

Ceremonialist, Shamanic Practictioner, Healer, Plant Medicine, Student of Life

Welcome and Munay,

I’m thrilled the cosmos have brought you here and you have said yes to the call of spirit. As a Shamanic practictioner, Yoga teacher, Lightworker, Paramedic, Mesa carrier, Reiki/Crystal and Pachamama healer I have found my calling in illuminating the world by serving as an agent of spirit.

I acknowledge that I do this work on Turtle Island on unceeded territories of the Gitxan, Tsetsaut, Tsimsamen, Gitlaxt'aamiks, Skam-Kounst Nisga'a peoples. I acknowledge the impact of patriarchy, colonization on the medicine peoples and the conquest of the land, of all that has been lost due to appropriation, racism, abuse, oppression, exploitation and forgetting.

Anything we know, learn or share is not ours. We come from an intricate web of teachers, students and practice.I bow to Shakti, the motherland of Yoga, to the medicine people of the Andes and Amazonian Jungle, the mothers and grandmothers, I bow to my teachers and mentors from www.shamanicyoga.ca, as they taught me to bow to the mountains, the stars, Mother Earth and the waters of this land.

Serving from the NorthWest of Canada in both Stewart, B.C. and Prince Rupert, B.C.

I come before you in service; offering to walk with you in Ayni, divine relationship, to uplift all beings, in all worlds, to assist you on your path navigating life’s most complex and difficult matters, to activate hope as individuals and for the Earth and Cosmos.  Untangling the roots of duality to stop the violence within and without; to live in right relationship, unconditional love and widen the circle of inclusion.

 "May we remain devoted to the heart of inquiry and philosophy; to keep learning and unlearning, to be teachable as devoted students of life with full engagement; to participate and share; where there is need. May our work be of service in some way." - #ShamanicYogaTrainingInstitute

Whatever you’re going through, I‘m here in service to support you as you find your way.  Contact me to schedule an appointment, phone call reading or zoom session to meet yourself where you are at.